Paved Bike Trail

Below is a overlay of a possible bike trail that circumnavigates the lake. Total trail length for the section that circumnavigates the lake is ~ 3 miles or 5 km (coincidentally making it an ideal loop for running events!). The trail itself will likely have elevation changes of up to 50 feet making for an interesting and picturesque bike ride around the lake.

These trails are also an option for people on rollerblades or rollerskis as well as famiiies who just want a nice walk around a lake.


If you have Google Earth installed, you can do a fly-by of the proposed trail system below.


The trail would start on 45th Street SE where it would connect with a 1.2 mile extension of the existing bike trail that ends on St. Bridget's road. The second map below shows the terrain changes around the lake.

Rochester currently has 85+ miles of trails that are bituminous or concrete surfaced and are available for pedestrian, bike, in-line skate, wheelchair, and stroller use. For people using these trails, ideal destinations are our local parks or lakes. Currently the bike trail system ends at the west end of 45th Street SE, near the back of the Wehrenberg theaters on St. Bridget's road. A short extension would enable connection of the Rochester bike trail system to the Gamehaven Park, allowing people to bike to Gamehaven from any part of Rochester. The park itself offers a beautiful setting with hills surrounding the lake, making it an attractive destination for trail users

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