Mountain Biking

Plans are to create a 6-mile single-track mountain bike trail system that will utilize both the Gamehaven city park and the Gamehaven boy scout camp. 

In August 2012, thanks to a lot of work by Jeff Robertson and KC Reed of the Boy Scouts, the Rochester Park Board and the South Zumbro Watershed Joint Powers Board  approved plans for mountain bike trails in Gamehaven. The trail work has and will continue to be done by volunteers of the Rochester Active Sports Club and by Boy Scout volunteers. RASC volunteers cleared brush, fallen trees and tall grass last fall to make way for a 2- to 3-foot-wide dirt/grass trail that will cut through an open field, wooded areas and near the shore of the reservoir.

As most of the trail work is done by hand, especially on the hills, it will likely take three years to complete all 6 miles of the trail. In addition to providing a place for mountain bikers, the trails will also will be available for hiking and snowshoeing. Regular updates on the progress of this trail system (along with trail maps) will be posted below.

Trantow leads Gamehaven Trail Project

Richard Trantow and his Scout Team from Scout Troop 498 built a long section of mountain bike trail at the Gamehaven Reservoir. This project was part of his Eagle Scout requirements. The section they worked on was two tenths of a mile of difficult side slope construction on City property leading to the reservoir. Using the IMBA trail manual, Richard learned how to make bench cuts and then taught his team the technique and how to use the trail tools. They logged over 70 hours in completing the project. RASC appreciates Richard’s contribution to the Gamehaven trails which are now being used by many riders in the community.

Boy Scouts with attitude!

Gamehaven Trail - August 20th 2013

Thanks to the volunteers who worked on the trail last year. As of August 20th, a 2.5 mile section has been completed and it is now open for riding. Like any new trail it will soft until it has been “ridden in”.  A part of the access to the trail is on the Scout Reservation. They have been great to work with and have given us permission to use this access trail. We must always respect their privacy when they have camp sessions going on.

The ride starts at Gamehaven Lake access trail on the northwest end of the Scout parking lot. You will see a yellow arrow.                                                  

The trail is marked with these. At approximately 150 yards turn left (south). Go another 100 yards turn right. Follow this trail to the intersection of the lake access trail where you will turn right and then on to the new trail section. To make a loop you can follow the Lake access trail and re-enter the single track or you can re-ride the single track. The loop as shown is 2.5 miles long. You can view an enlarged version of the trail map here or by clicking on the image below. 

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